Thursday, November 29, 2007


for those of you that give a shit, BTM have recruited the vocal talents of Zac Gurley (Exenterated, Rottencrotch, Human Feast, The Manson Family Variety Show, A Man So High Floating In Outer Space), who has officially replaced longstanding vocalist Charles White as the frontman of Burn The Masses. Any doubts about the band's current sound, delivery or live performance will soon be dispelled when Zac melts the skin off your face and wipes his smelly cock on you. we're also over halfway through pulling material together for the new album, which is tentatively being titled "The Worst Band In The World" and is expected to be recorded by early 2008. Expect even more intensity, violence and an awesome new vocal attack very soon

we are also now setting up our Summer '08 Tour and are looking for West Coast dates for the first 2 weeks of June. If you would like BTM to play your city, contact us at one of the options listed on this page. Joining us on tour will be be drummer Jefferey Rude from Como, MS hardcore punkers, Thorax Hum.

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